Hamel Roofing of Cape Cod

cape cod roofing We have unique weather conditions here on the Cape, with a lot of winter and spring wind storms. This can cause blow off and water damage due to wind-driven rain.

Twenty seven years of roofing under these conditions has taught me what can be called local practice. These challenges are overcome using the best products available to meet Cape Cod's weather conditions and your property.

We start by protecting plants and shrubs, and then strip off the old roof. Eave venting is then addressed. We always install ice & water barrier on the first three feet of bare roof deck, in all valleys and under all flashing. We then apply a roofing underlayment to the rest of the bare roof deck that is Miami-Dade County approved, for its wind resistance. Then the application of the roof shingles, which are chosen according to conditions and budget. Our storm nailing pattern keeps the 1.25 inch roofing nails away from all seams.

I’ve found that the clean up part of the job is also extremely important. We clean the job site at the end of every work day. At the end of the job we magnetize for nails. The Cape is really a bare foot/outdoor shower kind of community. Magnetizing the job is not only crucial, but standard operating procedure.

In summation, it is my objective to provide a great roofing experience for all of my customers, from choosing the right shingle to the final clean up.

I feel that communication is a key factor in attaining these goals; I am always available.

start to finish

covered shrubs covering shrubs before removing roof
loading roofing material onto roof loading materials onto roof
cleaning up cleaning up

"Hamel roofing far exceeded my expectations. The bid was fair and the work was done in a speedy and professional manner. I was really impressed. They did a great job and cleaned up the debris. It was a top notch job and I recommend them highly."

above images by Amy Rader Photographer